This Spring, 50 bigsparkers participated in the company’s first Hackathon in London. In 24 hours, 7 teams had to develop 7 innovative ideas within the theme

“Innovating for Humanity, Harnessing data and AI for real world change.”

The Hackathon gave us a chance, as a fully remote company, to connect with each other, build new relationships, and spark creativity by attempting to build ideas in hours, instead of months.



Robin Bradley, CEO of bigspark "It was really uplifting to feel the positive energy in the room throughout the 2 days. The spark was shining bright, it was great seeing everyone work closely and collaborate together at the Hackathon. There were some amazing ideas and thank you for all your efforts and presentations." Watch our round up video to find out the winner of 2024 bigspark hackathon

7 Innovative Ideas


Music streaming over time, based on people's memories of music from different years. Using AI to time stamp songs first played and categorising them into playlist memories. Music to improve well being.


Streamlined job matching and application using AI to prioritise and fine-tune applications
Enhance your likelihood of securing an interview
A way to reduce unemployment and make real world change!
Fighting unemployment from AI, using AI!
Screenshot 2024-04-25 163127


OpenEye is a browser plugin that monitors children's online messaging across various platforms and devices. It provides real-time alerts to parents when it detects potential signs of abuse or concerning activities.


Build a data-driven solution to monitor water leakage system in Ghana. This will help communities that are experiencing inconsistent water supply due to water leakages and inadequate water distribution .


An app to use AI to translate text to action of the Makaton sign language and vice versa to assist communication and inclusivity to the non verbal community


Forging Career Paths through Discovery using LLM and AI
Helping young adults discover a career path that matches their likes, dislikes, strenghts and weaknesses


A distributed ledger for patient records: providing a mechanism for patients to own the full history of their medical care. Enabling users to gather, access, and share with consent their medical history within a centralised platform.
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