The Problem

Trying to leave a Narcissistic Abusive Relationship or trying to rebuild a life after one can be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. Most people don’t realize that leaving an abusive partner is much like giving up a very powerful addiction. As you may have heard or even said to yourself, “why don’t they just leave”? If only it was that simple. Where do you go for help? Who understands what you’re talking about?

The Brief

Our client approached potential technology partners with the intention of engaging them in the development and support of an application. This app would be the catalyst for changing wider public opinion; to help people understand and take this abuse more seriously and to teach younger people about healthy boundaries and what narcissistic relationships look like and how to avoid them.

The Solution
Tech We Used

Frontend Web

  • Vue.js (Nuxt)
  • AWS Amplify
  • AWS AppSync


  • Strapi (Headless CMS)


  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Lambda


  • AWS S3


  • AWS DynamoDB

Network & Content Delivery

  • AWS CloudFront
  • AWS Route 53


  • Amazon SES
  • Amazon Pinpoint

Security & Identity Access Management

  • AWS Cognito
  • AWS Secrets Manager

Machine Learning

  • Amazon Lex