bigspark are pleased to announce that they have become a founding member of Local Energy Market Alliance (LEMA)

What is LEMA? 

LEMA, The Local Energy Markets Alliance Ltd is a company founded by Gemserv & The Traxis Group. LEMA is needed to bring together broad market interests in how Local Energy Systems (LES) can play a significant role in mitigating Grid Constraints for DNOs and National Grid.

The activity, objectives and success of LEMA’s mission is driven through members connecting and collaborating to deliver commercially viable approaches to LES across GB & Europe.

What problem are they trying to solve?

Net Zero and energy transition plans are placing a major and complex burden on the grid edge – the grid’s ability to reinforce itself for dealing with demand, particularly in terms of capacity, affordability and coordination.

Local Energy System trials/projects have demonstrated how this can be addressed socially & technically.

What has not been achieved is the development of the long-term approaches and market structures to deliver commercially viable Local Energy Systems at scale.

LEMA’s mission, in a nutshell, is to:

Simplify the energy burden; unlocking
commercial growth


How can bigspark help solve the problem?

Robin Bradley CEO bigspark

My team can help influence the technology roadmap and value creation in the Smart Energy and Utilities space. We are currently working on a large-scale project in the Smart metering and Electric Vehicle charging points space. This is building the technology and understanding the data to integrate into the National grid infrastructure and using machine learning and real-time streaming to transform energy usage for housing estates and house builders. This will also transform and add value across the eco-system using ML led load balancing of power. 

We have also implemented other projects in the ESG space and bigspark is excited to become a founding member of LEMA, looking at how we can transform the UK and potentially European energy and utilities market, through a collaborative approach, creating value for consumers, driving mass adoption of transformation change at all levels of the ecosystem.  “

To find out more visit their website here