Published on
July 3, 2023

Data-driven organisations need an agile, cloud-native database that matches their modern cloud infrastructure and application architecture.

Why can’t cloud native apps use traditional databases? 

Traditional databases fall short of the challenges of today’s cloud-native applications in terms of structure, storage and scalability. When cloud native applications rely on such traditional monolithic databases, it results in expensive trade-offs, slow innovation, complex operations and poor customer experience as they don’t have the requirements needed by the advanced apps.


DB Requirements for Modern Application

  • High performance
  • Massive scaling on demand
  • Continuous availability
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Standard interface
  • Security first mindset 


How does YugabyteDB match these requirements?

YugabyteDB is an open source software that offers distributed Database as a Service (DBaaS). Being open source, it gives a standard interface and leaves out the hassle of working with proprietary software. Other said DB requirements are met by YugabyteDB as it is ‘distributed’ offering fault tolerance with data replication.

As a cloud native database, it can be deployed across public, private and hybrid clouds.


Security and compliance with YugabyteDB.

YugabyteDB follows ‘sharding’ technology when it comes to data distribution and performance. It means that instead of the costlier vertical scaling in traditional databases, it follows horizontal scaling, where tables of data are split and spread across multiple nodes that are hosted on different servers (Inspired by Google Spanner). The shard of data on each node is called a tablet. High availability is achieved by replicating each tablet across multiple nodes, consistency is achieved through a process called RAFT Consensus. Thus even if a node crashes, data is not lost as it is available in the next shard.


How our clients can leverage YugabyteDB for their database?

Is your company facing issues with database performance and security? Are you looking to migrate to YugabyteDB to overcome your DB issues? Then bigspark will be able to assist you in the migration journey.

Bigspark has developed a number of accelerators to support the migration to YugabyteDB. 

  1. Assessment
    • Our Database Analyser will scan your database’s metadata to identify features used within the database that need remediating before the migration to YugabyteDB.
    • Our consultant will then create a migration plan with recommendations for your database.
  2. Test environment builder
    • Our Data Accelerator will scan your production database and generate a full schema with seeds for creating sample data for a non production database for full development testing.  This is primarily targeted to offsite development where data sharing is a long or difficult process, but can be reused for accelerating migration or testing.
    • Part of this would be a behavior driven development (BDD) testing framework to deliver confidence that the migration has been successfully completed.
  3. Baked in modern data engineering capabilities 
    • All source code committed to source control, so you can see the evolution of the code from the start of the database to a running application.
    • Framework for making changes – with full roll-forward and roll-back capability, every change can be evaluated and tested both in isolation and together.
    • CI/CD pipelines for automated changes in any environment synced with your governance process.
  4. Enabled data lake connectivity
    • Data Analytics / Data Science Accelerator. Through our meta data driven framework the new schema can be automatically replicated as a digital twin to your data warehouse, with updates automatically flowing downstream with no additional changes required.
    • Integration with data lineage, catalog and quality tooling is available. 
  5. Simple rollback
    • With our upstream and downstream replicator we can, as part of the cutover to the new application, send updates from your new database to your old one to ensure that we can keep both in sync until all customers are happy.

To find out more about how bigspark can help your organisation become more data driven, fill out your details below and we will be in touch.