We help you to leverage new technologies through education or accelerators, enabling you to take the reigns.

Whether it’s on premise or in the cloud, we have built and maintained critical data infrastructure for our clients. Likewise, whether big data or streaming, we have delivered business critical technology again and again. With every tool or technology there are gaps. Our experience ensures that our clients see through the hype and trust us to build the glue that knits their technology estate together. But that’s not the end of the journey.

Platform Engineering Pain Points

Modern platform engineering is the practice of designing, building, and managing the technology infrastructure that supports the development, deployment, and operation of software applications and data systems. It involves creating a platform or ecosystem that enables multiple applications and services to run on top of it, providing a common set of resources and services to developers and end-users.



As companies grow and their data volume increases, they need a platform that can scale to accommodate their growing data needs.



Large scale companies need to ensure that their data is secure, both from external threats and internal vulnerabilities.



Managing large scale data can be complex, with multiple data sources, formats, and systems that need to be integrated.



Data management can be expensive, with the need for specialist hardware, software, and personnel.


Full delivery lifecycle expertise

End to end architectural
understanding and expertise in simplifying complex integrations with
various market leading modern data platforms.

Strong vendor relationships


Blueprint architectures and IAC assets

Technology Solutions

bigspark use cutting edge technology to implement industry best practices using the following…

Infrastructure Provisioning and DevOps
Linux, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm

Big Data Technologies
DBT, Spark, SQL, Kafka, Flink

Data Pipelines & Orchestration
Airflow, StreamSet, Mage

Code Versioning
Git, SVN

Java, Scala, Python

Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Lakehouse
Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift

Cloud Compute and Storage
AWS, Azure, GCP

Our Key Technology Partners

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