We offer Data Solutions that change the way the Wealth & Asset Management industry operates

We have built data platforms, data strategies, and models to support back, middle and front office in how they operate, and find new areas for potential investment through data-driven decision making. 

Data specialism is rare in the industry, and we can offer a unique skillset of world class engineering combined with deep industry understanding.

Wealth & Asset Management

Using Data to lower cost and drive innovation is the only way for traditional incumbents and new entrants to survive in a rapidly changing industry environment.  

Improving time to market

Improving time to market

We help build new products and asset types that are differentiated from the competition and get to market quickly to respond to changing client needs

Data Platforming

Data Platforming

We build the connectivity between your internal data and your external suppliers and clients of data to improve customer experience and understanding

Operational Transformation

Operational Transformation

We build models and use strong data engineering to transform the cost and speed at which your operations are conducted

Data Strategy

Data Strategy

We align business goals with data initiatives to deliver quantifiable data results for your organisation and the people within it


  • Data Transformation
  • Data and AI Strategy Definition
  • Data Platform Engineering
  • Analytics Solution Design and Delivery
  • Operating Model Design
  • Anomaly detection models for Trading, ESG and Operations
  • Customer Data Enhancement for KYC/KYB
  • Foundational Data Platform
  • Automated DQ and Data Management

Technology Solutions

bigspark use cutting edge technology to implement industry best practices using the following…

Infrastructure Provisioning and DevOps
Linux, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm

Big Data Technologies
DBT, Spark, SQL, Kafka, Flink

Data Pipelines & Orchestration
Airflow, StreamSet, Mage

Code Versioning
Git, SVN

Java, Scala, Python

Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Lakehouse
Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift

Cloud Compute and Storage
AWS, Azure, GCP

Our Key Technology Partners

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